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If you've ever dabbled in piracy (and, let's face it, what Net Surfer in '93 hasn't!?) then you've definitely seen those little graphical intro screens that the crackers put before the software proper starts up. Accompanying these graphical works of wonder is some nice little upbeat tune in a distinctive low-tech style. If you're yearning to listen to those catchy tracks while at work and don't want your boss calling you into his office for downloading pirated software on company machines, then tune into this sick internet radio station I found today: https://nectarine.from-de.com/necta192 Enjoy!, Net

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Got a lot of new content on the site today! Uploaded two new recordings. One is a snippet of the Smooth Jazz channel on Swim Radio and the other is some weird track labeled "SWIM DUNGEON" ??? Check them out in the recordings section. Also I uploaded an open licensed translations of "Oration on the Dignity of Man" in the docs section. It's a kickass manifesto on why mankind is not only permitted, but JUSTIFIED in the pursuit of knowledge! It's more relevant than ever in our current day and age: The Information Revolution! Take back your journey for the pursuit of knowledge from the Corps that dry to drain us of that right! LEARN ON, Net

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This is something that has been on my mind lately, as evidenced by my post on 06/18. A lot of people are under the false notion that the columns of our world are constantly being torn down. They feel that their worlds are constantly being upended and new standards are constantly coming out that make all previous standards outdated, wrong, problematic, or (worse of all) lame. I think that is the default mindset, and technology has been wired to exploit that feeling inside all of us. It's time to look towards purposeful use of tech, and a calm-minded intake of the world around us. It's easy enough to say all that, but what's really valuable is a guide. So I thought, why not write one myself? I'm confident and have a website. That's all I need. This will be a publication in text in the DOCS section when it gets done. I hope that writing it will help me just as much as it will help anyone who decides to pick it up and read it. See you soon with that guide in hand, NET

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Over the past year I have been running an experiment. I was skeptical over the claims that multiple display devices would improve performance and efficiency for programmers. To me it just seemed a very superficial change to the work space that didn't do anything more than make the programmers feel like they were in Bladerunner or Neuromancer's Matrix. So over the past year or so I cut my displays down from three to one. Long story short, having one display did nothing to help my ability to focus on a singular task. If anything it just made getting into and starting tasks more laborious and annoying. I do not recommend cutting down to only one monitor. Two monitors work well and without a doubt improve efficiency and quality of life. But I think the benefits stop there. Three doesn't do anything for me. It could be an even/odd thing where even numbered monitors provide benefit while any odd numbered ones don't. That's just a guess though. Another important thing is that the monitors must be alike. One laptop monitor and one stand alone display does not cut it. That's just one monitor and a secondary one that you either won't use or you'll store all your distracting applications on. Shut the laptop if you need to use it as a work station and just hook up two monitors. Additionally, I found the third monitor, or auxiliary monitor, to be a distraction and detrimental to productivity. Like I said, it's usually filled with music/movie players, chat applications, and other garbage that you really don't honestly want running in your peripheral while you're trying to work. Anyway, that's what I found with my experiment. Two, full sized monitors improve efficiency. One makes doing work more tedious and ruins morale. Three causes a safe space for distractions, which you want to avoid. That's all I have to say about that, Net Xplorer P.S. I added a new section to this site called "Games" to list Games made by SwimDog Co. Click here to check it out!

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All of us on the Net like to think of ourselves as Tech enthusiasts. We love the new things that tech brings to us every day, and we utilize any and all new tools made available to use to enhance our daily lives. We get ourselves out of our own ruts, we teach ourselves new skills, and we make ourselves more interesting people. The reality of the positive possibilities of the Net are immediately apparent. Thousands of pages of books are now searchable. What took hours of research to answer a question, now takes mere seconds of typing that question into a search box. Technology makes this possible, and the good this world has come by because of technology is innumerable. It has made the playing field for average people truly level. Technology is not just a tool for us to use though. Corporations dig into the recesses of the Net to build and invent new ways to take our money, time, and mind. I'm not talking about video games rotting your brain, or anything like that. What I am talking about is the unhealthy addiction to the feeling of being present. The religious ferocity present in the unquenchable thirst to know what exactly is going on in the world at this very moment. The zealotry involved with knowing you are in the right, and They are in the wrong. You feed yourself into feeds of self-affirming reports of righteousness, and aggressive attacks on the backwards others. Your anger drives your attention away from your work, away from your self improvement, and away from your aspirations and towards clicking hyperlinks to more and more articles to affirm that feeling you have inside that the world is wrong and you are right... all while making the corps advertisement money on the daily because of your obsession. Technology is a tool used on us by the corps A simulacra of the world is burned before our eyes every morning, day, and night by the corps on the Net. They feed on your fear. They milk your anxiety for nickles and dimes. Over time, this simulacra becomes your hyper-reality. There is no longer any connection to the real world anymore. Your world belongs to the Corps. In the battle over the definition of this new world, moderation is mocked. Centrism is ridiculed for their perceived lack of conviction. They are the Atheist in the medieval religious world of Left vs Right. Self-reflection is ashewed in place of the nit-picking and magnification of flaws found in Others. Technology has not made this possible, but it has made the pill easier to swallow. Extreme Reverence to Technology is harmful. The chains of servitude to addiction have no sustenance. Paper thin world views gained by reading some schmuck's angry rant on a BBS post are worth less than not being informed at all. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." A cognizant utilization of technology as a tool to enhance our real world is essential. If you let Tech use you, then you will be lost. Net

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What up everyone? I am just making a quick post to let you know that there's another book in the Stories section. It's titled "The Bastard Papers" and it will be a pulpy, minimally edited, sword and sorcery novel. It's written by another lone wolf character I met on DWANGO during some late night DMs on Doom. Check it out! A couple other updates that I want to make note of... 1. Something under the hood. I added a new CSS class to make line breaks in these story posts to be prelined. So that means no more Line break tags. This is only a cause for excitement for me. 2. There's a small "just for fun" page I added a while ago located at here. 3. Added a new recording from the SwimLeaks archives in the Recordings section. 4. Added a new document to the docs section... "The Laws of Za" Well that's all for now. If you're wondering about KR3ML1N then I'm in the same boat with you. Dude has not contacted me ever since he frickin` fried my last PC. The remote desktop link is still up at here but no one has seemed to be able to fix it. Frickin KR3ML1N. I'm sick of his hacker crap. More stuff to come soon. Peace and thanks for reading, Net

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Phew, I'm back!

Let me tell you guys, getting hacked is not fun. I just logged on to my computer by chance and decided to check our my web page. It's been a while since I updated so I figured I would just take a quick peak an lo` and behold my page's colors are all inverted and there's tons of text sprawled all across the screen!

Well it took me a while but I finally figured out how to reset my password and removed the defacement off my page... almost. I decided to keep the message the hacker left me just for a curiosity.

As a bonus treat I also added two new links in the "Links" section of this website. These are some cool webpages I found this afternoon, surfing and wasting time.

I think I might go get some pizza and relax to some Seinfeld and let this whole hacker business blow over. See you soon, possibly. No promises.


PS, if you want to see what the hacked website looked like... click here.

╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮ T_H_E D!MIN!$H3R ╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮


SALUTS GO OUT TO.............. Haze..... Chimera....... Memory...... Ant..... Charm.......... 7R1N17Y..... Onyx...... Blank...... Overrid......


FELLOW TECH HIGH !!!! ALUM 1991!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey everyone!

Hope you guys are having fun navigating my computer. Pretty advanced for 1992 huh!

Anyway my friend LuXeRz has been sending me chapters of his Post-Apocalyptic novel and asked me to post it here in order for it to get some attention. Give it a read - the main characters are Computer Programmers! That should be exciting

Good luck and God Speed.. oh and happy easter! Hope you guys got some killer chocolate! Haha, killer as in good not poison.


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I added a new page to this site... so it turns out the swimleaks were a total dud!

Except for the last thing KR3ML1N found! A few weeks back I got an incoming FTP transfer request from KR3ML1N's IP and I accepted it. The next thing I know my Tandy was taken over with a full-screen 3D graphics application that I can't for the life of me exit out of! So I went out to RadioShack and splurged on a TRS-80 to continue updating this website. Took a while to save up money from my gas station part-time job which is why I have been , as they say, "Incognito" for the past year.

One more thing -- I was able to set up a "portal" to my infected PC and put it on this website on the dungeon page.

If anyone can figure out how to fix my pc, give it a whack. I'm dying to get back to being able to use it again.

Also KR3ML1N has been complete radio-silence since he sent me the last FTP request. Probably cackling to himself with his hacker buddies about how he pulled a quick and devastating one on me. Laugh it up, pal! Once I get this fixed you're gonna have another thing comin`!
Peace and good luck!

i just posted another picture to the documents section. this one was transcoded by my program... so its extremely efficient and compressed. i basically encoded the binary data in the base64 and then translated the ascii base64 into hex,... so you need to do some translation if you want to see the full blown image.

if ur not smart enough then tough shit!! read a book or something!


just uploaded a file to the recordings section. peac.e

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Hey All

Sorry for the absence, shortly after the last update I got a nasty computer virus. It occasionally pops up an ASCII dog in the corner of the terminal and has it playing really loud "ARF ARF" sounds from my PC speaker... really annoying. Luckily KR3ML1N was around and helped me get rid of it quickly... still I'm not sure where it came from.
I should have some more juicy leaks for you tomorrow! KR3ML1N just finished up his program!

Stay safe!

The Net-xplorer
Good morning world! What a beautiful day! :-)

Late last night I finished manually copying over the HEX data of an image and got it uploaded to the docs section of the site. We also uploaded a recording which was on a cassette tape that KR3ML1N has (somehow) that was taken from the Swimdog Co. HQ. Luckily I just bought a IBM PC compliant microphone so I just had to stick that up to my Walkman and let er rip!


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Hey all. My server seems to behaving pretty well considering the upwards of 30+ unique requests I'm getting every hour or so!

Wow 30 people coming to my server every hour... can you imagine if 30 people came over to your house every hour? Oh the insanity! But good thing this is all on my web page on the internet haha! Well I also want to apologize for KR3ML1N's last post and its use of profanity...

What can I say - the guy's a black hat! I want to keep the reporting here as real as it can be so I will not censor any posts but did advise him to keep it family friendly (my dad is reading after all)

Well enjoy the email! KR3ML1N's program is still under construction.


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Just finished setting up the website! Apologies to those that were here before and just saw the plain old .txt file! I didn't think that this site would get so many hits (67!) in so little time, but I guess that's the nature of the 90s.

I also set up KR3ML1N with an account and he'll post a few snippets of details here and there but don't expect much exposition from him... that's my spiel (German for play)!

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Hey everyone, Net-xplorer here

I just heard some news that Swimdog Co. was hacked and a bunch of confidential emails, recordings, and what have you was just leaked onto the net! Well, leaked onto the BBS (bulletin board system) network, that is. So I thought I'd create this website to host the leaks as I get them for those of you on the W3 network (you know, any page you go to that starts with WWW and uses the HTTP protocol). I know my Dad is a big info-leak buff and he can't figure out the BBS stuff so he's really gonna love this!

Anyway onto the leak: As for authenticity I can assure you that it is the real deal! My hacker buddy (I'm not a hacker for the record - I am just an HTML programmer who has an interest in the 'dark' stuff of the internet) got a data package from a friend of his and booted it up on his computer - and what I saw would make your jaw drop!

The files my buddy had was all on cassette tapes that were read into a C64 (Commodore 64 - an old-ish computer from a few years back) so I have to do all the data copying by hand for now. My hacker buddy, who goes by KR3ML1N on the net, is writing a program to automatically convert the tape data to ASCII files and says he'll be done soon so hopefully I can mass post all the leaks in a bit.

Anyway, I'll begin writing up the first email tonight before I head to bed.

Buckle up folks, you're in for one HECKUVA ride!