Making Swimdog Co. Transparent

Net Ex-plorer & KR3ML1N
Everyone knows Swimdog Co. : The tech giant that arose from the ashes of the microcomputer collapse of the mid 1980s. The same giant corporate entity that went around and bought up all scientific calculator companies and shut them down, only to sell us Taiwanese crap at double the price and double the glitches! Yeah... that Swimdog Co. Well, a lot of folks seem to think that they are an alright company that ain't hurtin no body. They're wrong, and we set this site up to prove it!

On October 12th, 1991 a hacker infiltrated the complex SWIM-PC network and took all the files he could get his hands on! Then he went on the net and uploaded it all for everyone to see. This was the biggest corporate data leak in history, surprassing even the Texas Instruments leak of '88. Well, it's the 90s now and no one wants to get on the 'out-date' and 'slow' BBS phone networks, so I'm here to translate all that data to modern ASCII files for the world to see.

In this site you'll find a huge collection of files, recordings, and emails grabbed from the leak as well as news updates along the way. The information you see in this leak will change the way you view the world. It'll enlighten you to how the real big businesses do their dirty work... and might even make you cry home to momma! We honestly feel this even has changed the computer and technology industry's histor and we're excited to document and release this to you as we are able to... kind of like journalism without all the BS!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!